Well, Everyone says Bret`s Nwo & if that case so am I ! Anyway, don't Believe everything you hear.The Question Everyone wants to know is Why, Bret, Why?

To that I say, What`s wrong with you, that`s my question? You should know the answer to your questions about the Hitman!


PIPER Made a Good Point tonight didn`t He? Although, He might not should have made that point, but he did & it was a Very Good point. If you don`t know go to WCW`s site & see if they have it posted.

What will happen at the Great American Bash, that`s the Question on Everyones mind. You will just have to wait & see but in the Past Even if Hogan & Savage were on diffrent sides where did they always end up? That`s right side by side, will history repeat it`s self yet again or not?

Who will win between Sting & the Giant? Who will Stings Tag-Team partner be? The Ultimate Warrior is supposed to make his WCW debut on July, 6, 1998


Well, I said that the Mega Powers Couldn`t stay Apart Long & What can I say, I was right.

If BRET & PIPER hadn't been ready it would have been bigger than it was. Who Knows, What Will Happen tomorrow on Nitro?

Well, it was Called the Great American Bash & The Americans got Bashed, as did some non-Americans.

updateed 9-17-99

I keep hearing that GOLDBERG is going to be the center of atten. now & all I have to say is that won't work!

It was Bret Hart who Got turned on & it was Bret Hart who got Hit in the face with a Baseball Bat & it is Bret Hart the fans are Behind---so don't you think since WCW has such a Good Story going on with Bret right now that it would be Crazy to switch to GOLDBERG?

I'm Sorry but that's how I see it & that's how I will always see it! I mean what's GOLDBERG going to do get mad at Sting & LUger because they actually hit Bret with that Bat---I mean Really!

Even if Goldberg becomes a Big Name they are going to have to do something---they will have to Finish the Angle that started Sunday---you know the one Bret is going to play a major part in!

Just Think about it :-)

Do you have some news----why don't you share it with the rest of us Go ahead & ppost :)

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