Bret's Profile


Bret Hart

From:Calgary Alberta,Canada

Born:July 2,1957


Weight:234 lbs.

Finsher: Sharpshooter or the Hart Attack

Bret has 11 Siblings 7 Brothers & 4 Sisters.

Bret`s Title History

Jan 26,1987 Bret & the Anvil won the Tag-Team Belts from the British Bulldogs & Lost them on Oct.27,1987 to Rick Martel & Tito Santana.The Hart Foundatoin had held the Belt`s 9 months & Almost 1 day.

They won the Belts the Second time on Aug.27,1990 From Demolition in Philadelphia,PA. At Summer Slam "90".They Lost the Belts on Mar.24,1991 to the Nasty Boys at Wrestlemania VII. Soon after this Bret & the Anvil Split & he goes into Semi-Retirement,While Bret continues his Singles Career.

I-C Championship Reigns

Bret won his first I-C Title on Aug.26,1991 in New York at Summerslam when he Beat I-C Champion Curt Hennig. He held it until Jan.17,1992 When the Mountie Beat him & lost the Belt 2 days later to Roddy Piper.

Bret won his second I-C Title in Indianapolis,In.on April 5,1992 at Wrestlemania VIII, When he Beat Rowdy Roddy Piper He held it until Aug.29,1992 at Summerslam When Davey Boy Beat him.

WFF World Championship Reign's

On Oct.12,1992 in Saskatoon,Canada Bret Hart Beat Ric Flair For his first World Title.(only the first of 5) Bret Held the Belt until April 4,1993 at Wrestlemania VIIII when Mr.Fugi threw salt in his eyes enableing Yokozuna to get the pin & the Belt.

Bret Hart won his Second World Title form Yokozuna at Wrestlmania X on Mar.20,1994 in New York.(Roddy Piper was Guest Referee For This match) He lost the Belt to Bob Backlund at the "94" Survivor Series.
Bret Hart won his third World Title from Diesel in Landover MD.On Nov.19,1995 at Survivor Series, He lost the Belt to Shawn Michaels on Mar.31,1996 At Wrestlemania XII.

On Feb.16,1997 Bret Hart won his fourth World Title in the Final Four Elimination Match When he eliminated the Undertaker,to win the match which was originally #1 Contenders Match,but days earlier Champion Shawn Michaels vacated the Belt & turned the match into a title match. Bret only held the Belt one day,He lost it to Pyscho Sid The next night on Raw.

Bret Hart Won his Fifth World Title on Aug.3,1997 At Summerslam:Hart & Soul,when he defeated the Undertaker. He Held the Belt 3 months & 6 days & lost it in A very controversial match at "97" Survivor Series.

Awards Bret`s won so far:

PWI 500 in 1993 PWI 500 in 1994 Match of the year in 1996 For his match with Shawn Michaels Feud of the year in 1994,For his problems with Owen Most Inspirational Wrestler of the year in 1994 Feud of the year in 1993,with Jerry Lawler WWF`s Staff Picks For Bret "Hitman" Hart Wrestler of the Year-Vince Russo,Kevin Kelly,Elliot Greenberg Comeback Wrestler of the Year-Vince Russo


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