Hello, My Name is Ava, I'm a Female WRESTLING FAN!

I have Loved Wrestling Since I was 4, People have Always thought I was Crazy for Loving it the Way I do But Who Cares What they Think, A Great Man once Said "You can't Please Everyone, So you've Got to Please Your Self"

There is a Story that Tells Why I Got Hooked on Wrestling at Such an Early Age.

Here is that story!

When I was 4 I was Introduced to G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) I Liked it & My Brother Mike had me Promise to watch Wresting with him that Saturday Night.

I agreed & My Life Would Change Forever, only I didn't know it yet!

The First Wrestling I watched was the N.W.A. not Long into it I picked my Favorite Tag-Team or so I thought, just the First of Many.

The Rock -N- Roll Express was the Tag-Team I picked that Day. The next Morning my Brother Said Ava, Wrestling & I came running as fast as my little Legs would Take Me.

The Next Wrestling Fed. I was Introduced too was WWF SuperStars, Which Aird Every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.

The next Day after my Brother Jason Got Home from School, He put it on his Favorite Fed. The AWA, So I had been Introduced to yet another Fed.

I Loved it too, but I loved anything Wrestling I could get my Hands on too.

Then it Happened, my Neighbor's Son came to the House with his new Wrestling Magazine & I wanted to see it but he wouldn't let me.

I was Mad he was Treating me like I was a baby After all, I was maybe 5 or 6.

My Mother said to Forget About it we would buy the Magazine for me, I was Thrilled!! I didn't know Which Book it was I only caught A Glimpse of the Cover.

So Here We Went Everywhere 4 this Very book, It took Forever But I wouldn't have any book but this 1 & then at Foodland I got it!

I started watching the CCW, in About 1985. I Loved it but then Again I just loved Wrestling Period. It's in my Blood I think, My Mother Said my GrandFather Loved it, She Loves it & her Brothers loved it. See, it's just Natural I would isn't it???

So To Make a Long Story Short, I have Met Some of the Wrestlers I want to meet & some I didn't care too also. I think if you take any & all things you can get, you get that Closer to your Main Goal.

I Met Nightmare Danny Davis & Wildcat Wendell Cooley in 1987.

I Met Robert Gibson on March 7,1992.

I Met Ricky Morton in Jan. 1994

The only 1 I Haven't Met Yet is BRET!!

My Favorite Tag-Teams were:

1.The Hart Foundation

2.The Rock-N-Roll Express

3.The Nightmares

My Favorite Wrestlers Were:

1.Robert Gibson

2.Nightmare Danny Davis

3.Ricky Morton

4.Wildcat Wendell Cooley

5.Bret Hart (note these list are not in order, but almost)

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My thoughts on Wrestling!

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