David's View

Whether you watch WCW or the WWF,there is one thing that everyone knows,currently to their organizations it is all about the ratings. It is understandable,higher ratings means that they have more people that watch them,their profits go up,and there are more advertisers that are willing to pay more and more to get a commercial to air during their programs. They both are competetive,and want to out do the other organization. What they don't realize,or don't want to realize is that it is hurting the best sport in the world,the sport of professional wrestling.

No matter which organization is your personal favorite,they both are very good. Ratings have been higher than ever before. Wrestling is at it's peak of it's popularity,and it should not be ruined because of a feud between two companies. Most wrestling fans,are fans of both organizations,and I being one of them personally do not want to see them destroy each other. I think it's time for a change. It's time for them to put all differences aside,and quit competing against one another,and compete against all those who despise the wrestling industry.

One such solution would be one of them moving their program to a new night. The problem with this,both organizations have their pride and do not want to be looked at as "giving in" to their opponent. The only way for this to happen,is to arrange a business deal with the owners of the two companies,and make a deal that would benefit both sides. I'd say that now since the WWF is currently in the #1 slot in the ratings,that if they were to move to a new time slot,that would be considered an honorable thing to do,although WCW's ratings are closing in. If WCW were to move,it would make them look bad because they had given in,and in a way admitted defeat. How about this,they both move,if not to new days,to new time slots on monday.

Because of the ratings war,they have done more stunts,that are dangerous,and even cost a great man his life. I am referring to the great Owen Hart. He had a family,and a lot to look forward to in life,and yet his life was taken away by an unecessary stunt. That isn't right. It should not be about stunts like that. Things that can get people killed aren't exactly going to help things. I hope that they stop this aspect,and it looks like they have put it on hold for a while anyways. If there are any stunts,let them be the high flying stunts of the luchadores,not dangerous stunts that cost peoples lives. Owen was a great athlete,and underneath his persona,he was a great man. I'm sure he is in a better place,and I hope that someday I am good enough that I can be in the same place he is now. Life is precious and his life shouldn't have been taken for ratings.

If WCW and WWF are going to compete,it should be in other aspects other than ratings. If the two companies were to merge,or at least make an agreement,I thought of one that would benefit each company. If the two companies,were to put cards together featuring their athletes,that would help both. Who wouldn't like to see another rematch of Bret"Hitman" Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Maybe both men have the titles from each organization,and its at stake in a cage match. Who wouldn't like to see Bret Hart take on Shawn Michaels. Who wouldn't like to see Goldberg fight Austin. Who wouldn't like to see Bischoff vs McMahon. There would be more quality athletes,more angles,and in my opinion it would help the industry to grow even larger. But then again,it's just my opinion. What's yours? I hope you have enjoyed this column,and have learned something from it. Have a nice day! Until next time,this is David signing out,for David's View.